I began CrossFit training in the summer 2010 after being pressured by my brother-in-law (BIL).  I had heard about this fitness “fad” or “thing” or “cult” from a number of friends, but as a self-proclaimed “fit” guy, I wasn’t interested in trying a new fitness experiment.  In fact, I was quite content with the results I had gained over 15-20 years of “back and bi’s, chest and tri’s, legs (oh wait…I NEVER did legs) and shoulders.”  To prove to my BIL (and a few friends) that CrossFit wasn’t anything special, I gave it a go…with a completely closed mind.  To say that my first experience was “life changing” is an understatement.  I walked into a local affiliate, was introduced to “Jackie” (a CrossFit benchmark WOD) and realized very quickly (well, after about 20 minutes of effort and misery) that I was neither “fit” nor content with my 15-20 years of “fitness training.”  I had always been an athlete, but my definition of fitness was clearly misaligned with my ACTUAL physical capabilities.  It was obviously time to begin the CrossFit phase of my life.

CrossFit training has been the ultimate journey complete with highs and lows, successes and failures and a world of self-discovery.  The training is hard and fast and as a result…almost spiritual.  The community of CrossFitters is like no other.  We rise and fall together; and each is there to provide support and coaching.  It was the community and the camaraderie (and a natural desire to want to help others) that led me to become a CrossFit trainer.  Participating wasn’t enough.  As a Pharmacist/scientist, I wanted to master the science behind the movement and then package the science into a set of tools and cues to help others become the best possible version of themselves.  Helping others has improved my form and awareness as well.  I continue to push the boundaries of my own limits.  Personal records (PRs) don’t come easy, and that’s AWESOME!  It’s the journey to achieve new PRs; to perfect my movement; to gain in physical fitness; to be a better dad and husband; to change the lives of others, that drives me now.  Whether your goal is to climb Everest or climb a flight of stairs…know that we’re here to help you achieve that goal.  CrossFit is life changing.  Thanks for reading…

Academic Achievements – MCPHS University – Doctor of Pharmacy

Trainer Certifications – CrossFit Level 2 trainer, CrossFit Olympic Lifting trainer, CrossFit Defense trainer, United States Weightlifting (USAW)- L1 Sports Performance Coach, Precision Nutrition Coach – Pn1, CPR/AED Certified