CrossFit became a fixture in my life when I walked through the doors of Schedule II back in December of 2013. I was in my mid-late 20s and never had an interest in going to Planet Fitness and pumping out 5 sets of 5 of whatever. No offense to anyone who gets enjoyment out of that; there was never a goal or endgame for me there. CrossFit gave me motivation and competition, also known as: reason.

Bryan and JJ probably felt in over their heads when I first started. I left the gym many nights feeling defeated and questioning whether or not I was cut out for this type of fitness regimen. But I stuck with it. As the months passed, I started accomplishing things that I never thought I would. Six months in, I got a few double unders. About 10 months in, I did my first competition and was able to clean and jerk 135 pounds. Granted, it was only a few times, but it wasn’t long before that I was questioning whether I would ever be able to. There were still things on my “I’ll never be able to do” list: muscle-ups, achieve a decent “Fran” time, snatch over 95 pounds, etc. All of these things came with persistence and time.

In the summer of 2014, I was at a different gym due to commute and was asked to coach. I felt like I had something to offer, so I went for my L1 and started coaching that summer. What I felt I had to offer is what was offered to me when I first walked in the doors of Schedule II: encouragement, friendship, patience and a caring spirit. The reason I got better at CrossFit was because when I told others “I suck,” they encouraged me to keep persisting. When I had a long day at work or had things going on in my life, there was a community of people to make me laugh or back me. So as your coach, I’ll teach you the movements, correct your form, go over the stimulus of the workout, give you scaling options and help you become a better athlete, but I’ll do it the same way I was taught. Thanks for reading my story, now go out and create your own!

Academic Achievements- 

Trainer Certifications– CrossFit Level 1 Trainer