Growing up I was always active and spent most of my free time playing sports. I played sports in college, where I was first introduced to weightlifting and conditioning programs. College life was very structured and I was told when to attend practice and weight training, which also had a structured strength component.  When I finished college I was on my own to continue to exercise but I found myself unmotivated and often tired. I gained weight and I ate horribly. I joined the gym multiple times but always worked out for a week and then didn’t go back. I had a few friends who did CrossFit and I always thought it was kind of a joke. It wasn’t until 2011 that I finally agreed to give it a try. As soon as I took my first class I knew that CrossFit was for me.  CrossFit brought the structure I was missing from my college days, and I never have to worry about developing my own workout program. Since joining CrossFit I’ve learned how to eat healthier, I’ve increased my overall energy, and I’ve gotten to know so many great people I otherwise would never have met. CrossFit has also given me the opportunity to redevelop my competitive side as I regularly compete in competitions. Without CrossFit I would not be where I am today. That’s why I decided to become a CrossFit trainer;  to help others improve their physical and emotional lives, as I have.

Academic Achievements – University of Maine – BS, Business Management

Trainer Certifications- CrossFit Level 2 trainer , CrossFit gymnastics trainer, CrossFit mobility trainer, CrossFit Aerobic Capacity, CPR/AED certified