A few years ago my younger brother mentioned CrossFit.  What is CrossFit I thought?  I was perfectly happy working out where I was.  I had my schedule of back and bi’s one day, legs on another and so on.  I was comfortable in what I was doing. My husband decided to give it a try and I thought he was crazy.  I remember his first WOD and he couldn’t stop talking about it.  I was intrigued, but not convinced that I wanted to give it a try.  After a few months of watching his progress and hearing his enthusiasm I decided to see what all the hype was about.  I was hooked immediately.  That was almost 3 years ago.  I am stronger, faster and healthier then I’ve ever been.  I love sharing my knowledge and passion with our members.  Walking through the doors at the box immediately puts a smile on my face.

Academic Achievements- MCPHS University – BS, Health Psychology

Trainer Certifications- CrossFit Level 1 trainer, CrossFit Aerobic Capacity, CPR/AED certified