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In the case of Schedule II CrossFit, everything.  Simply put, Schedule II CrossFit is a health and fitness laboratory.  Owners Bryan Polsonetti, JJ Chella, Mark Tu and Steve Kabatznick wanted a name that epitomized what their gym truly represented.  Bryan (a Pharmacist) convinced the others that the gym’s theme was best represented by something in the pharmacy lingo.  “Schedule II” refers to a group of medications.  The hallmark of ‘Schedule II’ medications is that they may be highly habit forming, but have an accepted medical benefit.  Similarly, we feel that a CrossFit training regimen is both addictive and has multiple positive benefits!


We are a health and fitness COMMUNITY built on a solid foundation of knowledge, dedication, encouragement and passion.  Our coaches and athletes share a similar goal; train HARD, train SAFE and have fun through support, accountability and competition.  We’ll show you how to become the best YOU that you can be.  And who knows, you might really impress yourself.



By now, you probably realize that CrossFit training takes an innovative, integrated approach towards attaining real world fitness.  Our programming is made to be highly efficient and universally modifiable for any dedicated individual regardless of experience.  Coupled with corrective flexibility techniques, a high emphasis on functional movement, nutritional guidance and ongoing support, we will help you move better, feel better and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Our Coaches


I began CrossFit training in the summer 2010 after being pressured by my brother-in-law (BIL).  I had heard about this fitness “fad” or “thing” or “cult” from a number of friends, but as a self-proclaimed “fit” guy, I wasn’t interested in trying a new fitness experiment.  In fact, I was quite content with the results I had gained over 15-20 years of “back and bi’s, chest and tri’s, legs (oh wait…I NEVER did legs) and shoulders.”  To prove to my BIL (and a few friends) that CrossFit wasn’t anything special, I gave it a go…with a completely closed mind.  To say that my first experience was “life changing” is an understatement.  I walked into a local affiliate, was introduced to “Jackie” (a CrossFit benchmark WOD) and realized very quickly (well, after about 20 minutes of effort and misery) that I was neither “fit” nor content with my 15-20 years of “fitness training.”  I had always been an athlete, but my definition of fitness was clearly misaligned with my ACTUAL physical capabilities.  It was obviously time to begin the CrossFit phase of my life.

CrossFit training has been the ultimate journey complete with highs and lows, successes and failures and a world of self-discovery.  The training is hard and fast and as a result…almost spiritual.  The community of CrossFitters is like no other.  We rise and fall together; and each is there to provide support and coaching.  It was the community and the camaraderie (and a natural desire to want to help others) that led me to become a CrossFit trainer.  Participating wasn’t enough.  As a Pharmacist/scientist, I wanted to master the science behind the movement and then package the science into a set of tools and cues to help others become the best possible version of themselves.  Helping others has improved my form and awareness as well.  I continue to push the boundaries of my own limits.  Personal records (PRs) don’t come easy, and that’s AWESOME!  It’s the journey to achieve new PRs; to perfect my movement; to gain in physical fitness; to be a better dad and husband; to change the lives of others, that drives me now.  Whether your goal is to climb Everest or climb a flight of stairs…know that we’re here to help you achieve that goal.  CrossFit is life changing.  Thanks for reading…

Academic Achievements – MCPHS University – Doctor of Pharmacy

Trainer Certifications – CrossFit Level 2 trainer, CrossFit Olympic Lifting trainer, CrossFit Defense trainer, United States Weightlifting (USAW)- L1 Sports Performance Coach, Precision Nutrition Coach – Pn1, CPR/AED Certified


CrossFit will change your life!  That’s what a friend told me about four years ago!  Little did I know how incredibly accurate she was!

CrossFit is a life style!  It’s a process and intensity of workout that is like nothing else.  Quite frankly, it’s hard as hell but extremely rewarding!  That’s why “CrossFitters” love going to their CrossFit box to do a WOD day in and day out.

Before I started CrossFit, I read the articles and heard the stories.  Although I was a former college athlete, I have to admit I was a bit intimidated my first day at a CrossFit gym.  I remember how sore I was the next morning.  It was awesome!  There’s nothing better than waking up in the morning and knowing from the soreness of your first few movements that you really kicked ass in your workout the day before.  I, like most CrossFitters, was hooked after one visit.

I have been CrossFitting for four years.  I’ve been coaching for about three years.  I enjoy bringing athletes through a grueling workout just as much as I enjoy tackling one myself.  There’s not a much better feeling than pushing through a hard WOD with the other members of your gym community.  The sense of camaraderie that is created in a CrossFit gym is truly inspiring.  Sitting around, recovering from a workout, knowing you all just finished a workout that most people wouldn’t even attempt…there’s not a much better feeling of accomplishment!

The best part about CrossFit is that it’s for everyone.  No matter your age, weight, level of fitness or past workout experience, CrossFit is for you.  It’s for anyone who wants to improve their quality of life.  Any workout can be modified to align with your current level of fitness and therefore absolutely everyone experiences a great workout relative to their ability.

So I say to you that is reading this and contemplating coming in to check out the gym…come on down, it willchange your life!

Academic Achievements- Sacred Heart University, BA | Sacred Heart University, MAT

Trainer Certifications- CrossFit Level 1 trainer, CrossFit Kids trainer, CPR/AED Certified


I was an active kid and a high school athlete in football, wrestling, basketball, and a brief stint in gymnastics. I enjoyed being strong and agile and being able to perform challenging physical tasks.  In college, I continued to pursue fitness by lifting weights 3-4 days a week and playing basketball.  After college, my professional career and life events began to whittle away my time at the gym.  I made several attempts during those years to re-instate my commitment to the gym, but they were short lived and the results were not apparent.  I hated running but did it on occasion, mostly to keep my wife company. My waistline grew a bit but was mostly in denial.   I felt increasingly lazy and sluggish. I was slowly succumbing to the “reality” that I could not be young and fit forever, that life will take its toll.  I did not feel good about it and blamed myself for lacking the willpower and determination to continue the gym routine. Honestly, looking back, I was utterly bored with the bodybuilding style gym routine, but that was all I knew!

My brother-in-law first told me about CrossFit in 2010.  He said they did lots of squats, cleans and jerks, pull-ups, and other movements in a class format. It sounded legit, but my arrogance assured me that it was for amateurs.  “I’ve been lifting weights for 20 years” I thought. I already knew how to lift weights and this CrossFit thing sounded “cute” but is likely a fad, certainly not for experienced folks like me.  I wrote it off and continued my on again/off again, erratic approach to fitness.   During Christmas of 2011, while visiting my wife’s family, my brother-in-law asked if I wanted to join him in a “WOD” at the “box”.  I agreed, both out of curiosity and also to show him that this CrossFit thing is no big deal. The WOD was 4 rounds of 4 min AMRAPs of various movements coupled together, with 4 min rests in between rounds.  “Sheesh, only 16 minutes of work? I’ll destroy this!” I thought to myself.  Before the WOD started, I snickered at the 75 lb barbell in front of me, wondering if I should add some real weight to it.  At the sound of “3..2..1.. GO!” my competitiveness took over and I charged ahead, making sure I was in the lead. At 2 minutes into the first round, I hit that dreaded brick wall. As I struggled, I marveled at the other athletes working methodically and passing me with ease. They seemed to have endless energy when I felt completely drained!  It took all the courage I had to continue this workout and not be absolutely embarrassed by my performance.  At the end, lying in a pool of sweat and agony, I was befuddled.  I hadn’t felt that way in years, if ever. How could such a short workout devastate me so thoroughly? I was humbled and emboldened. I was HOOKED.

After returning home, I began to obsessively research everything CrossFit. Its grassroots origins encouraged garage gyms, and CrossFit’s straightforward, scientific approach really appealed to my engineering background.  The quick, efficient workouts fit well into my work schedule.  I soaked it up like a sponge, working endlessly to perfect my form in all aspects of gymnastics and olympic weightlifting, two of the main pillars of CrossFit.  I learned that nutrition is the most fundamental basis of fitness so I adopted a Paleo way of eating. I began to see drastic changes in myself, astonished with how my body felt.  The deep soreness in places I had never felt before emboldened me and told me I was doing something right. CrossFit also built my mental fortitude that carried over into all other aspects of life. Every WOD is a battle of will that requires courage to begin, and determination to finish. The rewarding feeling of accomplishment and gave me great confidence in myself, and the pride of completing these workouts made me feel unstoppable.

CrossFit will change your life in more ways than one.  Let’s carve out a better version of ourselves together. The path is clear… all you have to do is attack that WOD with passion and intensity! Let’s go after it!

Academic Achievements- Purdue University – BS, Mechanical Engineering | Rensselear Polytechnic Institute – Masters in Business Management

Trainer Certifications- CrossFit Level 1 trainer, United States Weightlifting (USAW)- L1 Sports Performance Coach, CPR/AED Certified


Growing up I was always active and spent most of my free time playing sports. I played sports in college, where I was first introduced to weightlifting and conditioning programs. College life was very structured and I was told when to attend practice and weight training, which also had a structured strength component.  When I finished college I was on my own to continue to exercise but I found myself unmotivated and often tired. I gained weight and I ate horribly. I joined the gym multiple times but always worked out for a week and then didn’t go back. I had a few friends who did CrossFit and I always thought it was kind of a joke. It wasn’t until 2011 that I finally agreed to give it a try. As soon as I took my first class I knew that CrossFit was for me.  CrossFit brought the structure I was missing from my college days, and I never have to worry about developing my own workout program. Since joining CrossFit I’ve learned how to eat healthier, I’ve increased my overall energy, and I’ve gotten to know so many great people I otherwise would never have met. CrossFit has also given me the opportunity to redevelop my competitive side as I regularly compete in competitions. Without CrossFit I would not be where I am today. That’s why I decided to become a CrossFit trainer;  to help others improve their physical and emotional lives, as I have.

Academic Achievements – University of Maine – BS, Business Management

Trainer Certifications- CrossFit Level 1 trainer , CrossFit gymnastics trainer, CrossFit mobility trainer, CrossFit Aerobic Capacity, CPR/AED certified


Academic Achievement – West Virginia University: Bachelors of Science: Physical Education/Health |  Southern Ct State University: Masters in Exercise Science

Trainer Certifications- Member of CT coaches association for 11 years, American Red Cross Professional Rescuer/Life guarding, Water safety instructor, Founder of CrossFit Platt High School


I first heard about CrossFit a few years back and have always wanted to try it, but I was too intimidated to walk through the door.  I finally worked up the courage when a group of moms got together to give it a try.  It was the best decision I’ve ever made.  I was completely hooked after the first day.

I played sports throughout high school and the beginning years of my college career.  At some point, I decided I’d start running to lose some of the weight I had gained during my first year in college and to get healthier.  I ran races several times a year and ran my first Half Marathon in October, 2001.

Over the next few years, I worked full-time, got married, we bought a house, had kids, and life got too busy.  I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to stay active and how to become physically fit again.  I struggled to find the time and to find something I really liked.  I tried many different workout programs and diets.  It all seemed like such a chore to me…until I found CrossFit.  CrossFit isn’t just a workout for me.  It’s a family, a community of people who help each other, push each other, and who spend time together outside of the gym.

I decided to become a coach to share my love for CrossFit with others and to inspire people just has I have been inspired by the great coaches at Schedule II CrossFit.

Academic Achievements – Central Connecticut State University – BA, Psychology

Trainer Certifications- CrossFit Level 1 trainer, CPR/AED Certified


A few years ago my younger brother mentioned CrossFit.  What is CrossFit I thought?  I was perfectly happy working out where I was.  I had my schedule of back and bi’s one day, legs on another and so on.  I was comfortable in what I was doing. My husband decided to give it a try and I thought he was crazy.  I remember his first WOD and he couldn’t stop talking about it.  I was intrigued, but not convinced that I wanted to give it a try.  After a few months of watching his progress and hearing his enthusiasm I decided to see what all the hype was about.  I was hooked immediately.  That was almost 3 years ago.  I am stronger, faster and healthier then I’ve ever been.  I love sharing my knowledge and passion with our members.  Walking through the doors at the box immediately puts a smile on my face.

Academic Achievements- MCPHS University – BS, Health Psychology

Trainer Certifications- CrossFit Level 1 trainer, CrossFit Aerobic Capacity, CPR/AED certified


As a kid I was always playing outside, biking around town, and playing soccer. I could eat whatever I wanted and my body remained the same. I was happy with how I felt and how I looked. In college my physical activity started to diminish while I focused on my studies, but I was still happy. After college, I started my career as a teacher and my “fitness” was no more. My time was completely devoted to my students and I started gaining weight and feeling sluggish. I was unhappy with how I looked, how I felt, and the road I was headed down. I knew I needed to make a change.

A friend of mine had been working out at a CrossFit gym for a year and suggested I give it a try. I told him it wasn’t for me, that I had no (I mean zero) weight training experience and I wasn’t strong enough to hang with those insane people. Secretly I was just completely terrified that I was going to fail and get laughed at for how weak and out of shape I was.

I mulled over my life situation and toyed with the idea of joining a standard 24 hour fitness gym, but I knew if I didn’t have someone there to motivate me I wouldn’t push myself. Shortly thereafter a colleague started a male only yoga group and over the course of a year I started building some strength and confidence. I reconsidered CrossFit and decided I was going to give it a try.

“To Hell with anyone that made fun of me.”

In October, 2013 I noticed all of these people running down the sidewalk and back to what I thought was a burned-out warehouse. Then I saw the sign “Schedule II CrossFit”. I took it as a sign (haha) and sent Bryan an email saying I was going to try a free Saturday class. The next weekend I literally forced myself to go to “the box” and introduce myself because I knew I would chicken out if I wasn’t accountable to a real person.

Saturday November 2nd 2013 was my first CrossFit WOD. I was incredibly nervous, but I worked out with two of the nicest people you could ask to work out with. They encouraged me; made sure I didn’t hurt myself, and worked at a pace where I didn’t feel like I was failing. I couldn’t do a single pull-up, running 400 meters left me gasping for breath, and the Olympic lifts had me terrified, but I was hooked!

In summer 2014 I was approached by members and coaches about becoming a CrossFit trainer. I hadn’t thought about it but I am a teacher by trade (and by passion) and I coach middle school soccer. I had been helping other people at the box during workouts unofficially, so it didn’t take much convincing for me to see that it was a natural step to start coaching CrossFit as well.

I started studying and with the blessing of the other coaches and owners of Schedule II CrossFit I took the CrossFit Level 1 trainers course. On September 14th 2014 I achieved Level 1 trainer status and was brought on to the Schedule II team.

The growth you make in the first year of CrossFit can be astounding. I started feeling happy about myself, my body, and my fitness level. I was able to do multiple pull-ups for the first time in my life. I completed “Murph” (look it up!) 7 days after I turned 31. I ran my first sub 7 minute mile EVER! I became a coach in a sport that I didn’t think I was even capable of participating in. I continue to grow and push myself without the constant need for an outside source of motivation. My growth and the growth I see from other CrossFitters is what motivates me now.

I encourage everyone to give CrossFit a try and to come and join our Schedule II family. It has changed my life in so many positive ways I hardly recognize the old me.

Academic Achievements- University of Connecticut – BS Secondary Education Mathematics | University of Connecticut – MA Curriculum and Instruction

Trainer Certifications– CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CrossFit mobility trainer, CrossFit Aerobic Capacity, CPR/AED certified


With my only sporting experience being in soccer (since age 5), I was looking for something to do that would give me great results without spending hours working out. I started CrossFit in 2012 after seeing a couple of CrossFit guys who were in incredible shape. I checked out a local CrossFit gym and when I walked in, I saw people laying on the ground rolling around in pain and dripping sweat. For some sick reason, I became incredibly intrigued and knew I had to try it out for myself. 

5 years into my CrossFit career, I would consider weightlifting one of my strengths, while I am constantly working on anything gymnastic. The other struggle, as we all know, almost always comes with self-restraint when it comes to delicious food. 

I keep returning to CrossFit day after day because of the feeling of accomplishment after completing a grueling workout. The amazing community of friends at Schedule 2 has become my family…and of course the ability to eat delicious treats every once in a while.

Educational Accomplishments-  Southern Connecticut State University – BA in Psychology

Training Accomplishments- CrossFit Level 1 


I started CrossFit when I was a young teenager, and I had never exercised regularly. I did my first workout grudgingly, trying to placate my parents and sister because I was sick of hearing them talk about it and not know what they were referencing at the dinner table. Right away I was hooked and never looked back, glad that I was able to deviate from the typical gym routine I now hear about so often.

CrossFit is amazing mainly in that it forces you to work on all types of athletics; running, weightlifting, gymnastics and plyometrics, to name a few. Even if the WOD includes all of my weaknesses (a workout with pushups, muscle ups, snatches would be hell for me)–I know that it’s going to be a workout that will push me to better myself. As a coach nothing makes me happier than seeing someone finally reach their goal. The great thing about CrossFit is that everyone has different goals that are important to them; while one person is chasing an unbroken handstand walk, another is trying to get their first pull-up, and both of these are equally satisfying to watch happen.

As a future dietitian, fitness and nutrition are huge aspects of everything I do. Health is a lifestyle and the community at Schedule II CrossFit is an amazing part of my life. It changed mine and it can definitely change yours!

Academic Achievements- University of Connecticut: BS in Nutritional Science/Dietetics | University of Connecticut: MS of Health Promotion (in progress)

Trainer Certifications- CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CPR/AED certified


Academic Achievements- University of Central Connecticut: BS in Electronics Technology

Trainer Certifications- CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, CPR/AED certified, Wilderness First Aid 


Academic Achievements- University of Massachusetts: BA in Psychology | Westfield State University: M.Ed. in Elementary Education

Trainer Certifications- CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CPR/AED/First Aid certified, United States Weightlifting (USAW)- L1 Sports Performance Coach (in progress), TRX (in progress), NSCA Personal Trainer (in progress)